Friday, May 9, 2008

Big update

I decided to post all the work I've done for my cartooning and caricature class since I needed to scan them in the computer anyway.

This was one of our first projects. We did an activity lovingly named the exquisite corpse, where one person would draw a head, cover it up and pass it on, next person would draw the torso, cover it up and pass it on, and the last person would draw the feet. This got us thinking about incorporating different things in our drawings. Then we had to create our own character and this is what I came up with. The poses we took from sports pictures in a handout he gave us.

For this and the next one, we had to do a one page comic based on cliché ideas. In this case, doctors performing surgery.

Once again, cliché idea of being trapped on a desert island.

This was a four panel comic we did that could not include dialog. I hope it's self explanatory.

This was just an expression sheet we needed to do and ink.

We started getting into caricatures, which aren't really my thing and I probably won't pursue at all. I don't like the way this really turned out, his pose is stiff and ugly and woo, no background. I was just going for showing Governor Arnold as the body builder he was but letting himself go since he's getting older.

I think this piece is so funny. I'm not terribly proud of it because it really doesn't show any skill of mine, but I do like the idea. We had to take a well known person or celebrity and incorporate them in a well known picture or painting. I figured Michael Jackson and Picasso kinda went hand in hand. It was colored in water color, so it didn't scan too well.

Finally, this was our final project. We needed to take a classic fairy tale story and put our own twist on it. Hopefully you can tell this is the Three Little Pigs. I went for a more Steve Urkel feel for the wolf. I'm both happy and disappointed with the way it turned out. Towards the end I started really rushing, and I really didn't think I was going to make it to turn it in on time. As a result, some of the coloring and cleanup gets really sloppy. I'm not too happy with the color choices, but once again, towards the end I was rushing so much, I had no time to adjust it. So I know I could have done better, but I'm still happy with how it turned out and I really do like the idea.

So those are pieces I've been working on in one of my classes all semester long. I'm quite happy and I've grown a lot just from that one class. I'm excited to grow more in the future too because I'm definitely not quite where I want to be.

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