Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trevor lives

This is a character I designed for my 3D animation modeling class from last semester. His name is Trevor. I'll be putting hair on later. My current class is rigging and animation. I just got done rigging him, and right now I'm in the process of painting skin weights on him. These shots have no official lighting on them, so he looks real pasty. Yes, that's the look I was going for, but lighting would be nice. I may go back and put tattoos on his arms and change his shoes because I'm very much not happy with those. I was originally planning on tatting him up, but I got lazy. I also need to tweak his belt and wristband a little. They look too sharp and lazily shaped... which they were.

Oh, dear Trevor, you still have much to be done. I'd like to finish what I stated above minus the hair before class on Saturday... but we'll see.

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